Terms and Conditions

By booking a wedding package with New Zealand Wedding Packages you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Bad Weather

  1. The decision about whether to travel to your destination in bad weather will be made by New Zealand Wedding Packages, in consultation with the transportation providers, and with a view to ensuring the safety and comfort of all persons.
  2. Where a choice is made not to travel due to weather, you will be offered the choice of either postponing the wedding to a later date or holding the wedding at an indoor venue.  The postponement option is dependent on a favourable weather forecast and the availability of vendors on the postponement date.  Alternative indoor venues will be discussed with you at the time.
  3. Where an alternative indoor venue is used and the cost of the wedding package at the alternative location is less than the original package cost, we will refund the difference.
  4. No other compensation or refund will be given where the location is changed due to weather.

Booking, Payment and Cancellations

  1. A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the package price is required to secure your wedding date.
  2. The balance of the total cost is due at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.  Payments can be made in installments.  Where full payment has not been made 2 weeks prior to the wedding date, the booking will be deemed to be cancelled.
  3. Any extra charges incurred within those 2 weeks before the wedding, or on the wedding day, will be due within 21 days of the wedding date.
  4. In the case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable.  Any extra payments made over and above the deposit will be refunded.


  1. Whilst New Zealand Wedding Packages makes every effort to ensure that it books the best, most reputable and reliable wedding vendors, it does not accept liability for any individual vendor’s actions, omissions, acts of negligence or failure to deliver a service. In the unlikely event that an incident or complaint should arise regarding a vendor, either a partner of New Zealand Wedding Packages or otherwise, we will do what we can, within reason, to remedy the situation at the time.
  2. Where, for any reason, a vendor is no longer able to provide a service on the wedding day, we reserve the right to change the vendor to another that provides a comparable service.

Risk and Safety

  1. New Zealand Wedding Packages has an audited safety plan which follows the requirements of government legislation and follows Department of Conservation guidelines.
  2. You will be provided with relevant health and safety instructions and guidelines prior to starting your wedding package and you agree to follow those instructions.
  3. In the unlikely event of an incident or accident you agree to follow all instructions of New Zealand Wedding Packages representatives.
  4. You acknowledge that New Zealand Wedding Packages will take all reasonable steps to keep you safe during the wedding package activity, however, you accept full responsibility for your own actions or inaction.
  5. Drug use will not be permitted at any time during the activity and New Zealand Wedding Packages reserves the right to stop or cancel any activity where it suspects a person may be under the influence of drugs.
  6. We reserve the right to stop serving alcohol to a person who is intoxicated or suspected of becoming intoxicated. We also reserve the right to stop or cancel an activity where an intoxicated person(s) is compromising the safety of others.

Boat Charter

  1. There is no smoking policy on board all boats used by New Zealand Wedding Packages.
  2. Due to licensing requirements, couples and guests must consume only alcohol provided by New Zealand Wedding Packages and will not be permitted to bring their own alcohol on board.


  1. New Zealand Wedding Packages agrees to provide the services as detailed on the relevant location page of the website.
  2. It does not provide transport, accommodation or meals other than what is stated on the relevant location page of the website.  However, we are happy to assist with finding additional transport, accommodation and other service providers where requested.
  3. You agree to provide us with accurate information in regards to your personal information and confirm that you are eligible to be married in New Zealand.