Nelson Lighthouse Wedding

Nelson Lighthouse Wedding

The Nelson lighthouse was built in 1862 and provides a unique location for your wedding. The lighthouse, positioned on a natural “Boulder Bank” just outside Nelson city, is the second permanent lighthouse to be built in New Zealand and was decommissioned in 1982 at which time it was the longest operating lighthouse in New Zealand.

It is also the only lighthouse in New Zealand that people are allowed to go into, providing a unique opportunity to have your wedding in a significant and symbolic landmark.

The lighthouse features several levels and a top deck with amazing views over the Nelson Harbour, the Boulder Bank, the sea and mountains.

Transport to the lighthouse is on a Gourmet Sailing yacht for a relaxed and luxurious trip or directly by water taxi.  With the Gourmet Sailing yacht you will also have the option of having drinks and food on board after your wedding whilst leisurely cruising the harbour.

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