Dan and Beccy’s Nelson Lighthouse Wedding

Once upon a time, Dan Edmonds notices a new girl with curly hair at his school in England.  He said to his friends that she looked a bit like Kylie Minogue from Neighbours, and from then on he called her “Kylie” whenever he passed her in the school corridors.

Little did she know then that he would end up marrying her in Nelson’s Lighthouse, which turned out, literally, to be a dream wedding location!

Dan left school, but the pair met up again studying art and design at college, and became friends.  One night, Dan had a dream.  He saw himself waking up in an oddly shaped room.  It was sparse and bare, with wooden floorboards and white curtains billowing from an open window.  He looked out and found that he was in a lighthouse.

“Strangely though, it felt like home,” he says.  In the dream he glanced back at the bed and saw Beccy there lying asleep.

“In the dream, this didn’t feel strange.  We were together and it felt right,” he says.

The next day, Dan went to college as normal, but he never forgot the dream.  After college, the pair went their separate ways and didn’t meet again for many years.  They eventually started to communicate again via Facebook, and the rest is history.

Of course, they had to get married in a lighthouse, and fell in love with Nelson’s.

“The one on the Boulder Bank in Nelson really jumped out at us.  It just looked so dramatic,” Dan says.

They wanted a minimum of fuss, so combined their wedding with a visit and honeymoon with family in Nelson.

The team from New Zealand Wedding Packages arranged everything at this end, including hair, makeup, lunch with Gourmet Sailing and dinner at The Boat House.  But the big day dawned stormy, and they worried they might not get over to the lighthouse.  Luckily a break in the weather gave them the chance to make it across in the wind and rain, and Gourmet Sailing’s Milo and Kimberly surprised them by decorating the upper floor to look like a bedroom, just like in Dan’s dream.

“Nelson and the Boulder Bank lighthouse are now such a huge part of us.”  Now they plan to live happily ever after, of course.

Article content courtesy of Nelson Mail.