Dan and Kay’s Eco-Lodge Elopement

Dan and Kay’s Eco-Lodge Elopement

Dan and Kay somehow always manage to do things backwards but enjoy the journey all the same. Kay is a travel junky, so when it came to getting married, they had the honeymoon planned out long before settling on a wedding date – or how to get married for that matter.

Dan wanted a wedding, Kay wanted to get registered then hop on the plane and head towards the Galapagos Islands. Then Covid happened and everything went on hold…

Post lockdowns they booked a low key holiday in New Zealand before looking at each other and said, “but when will we actually get married? Can we squeeze an elopement into our pre-booked holidays?” After some frantic Googling, there were options, but the beautiful yet low key Eco Lodge location immediately won their hearts, and Ron’s fast and friendly response sealed the deal.

“We both love nature, and got engaged in a national park, so getting married surrounded by nature felt right. Then we saw that we could combine a helicopter ride with the eco lodge package, and decided to go for it and add an adventure with epic pictures to our big day.” 

The weather on the day was touch and go, but when you are in the breathtakingly beautiful national park, surrounded by bird songs and curious fantails participating in the ceremony – what is a little wind?

“Our day was even better than we dreamed of. It was the perfect balance between happiness, excitement and organized. Everything was arranged and under control but also with many sweet small touches. It was very personalized to us without us having to plan everything down to the last detail, which left us feeling relaxed and truly able to enjoy the day. Our photographer Virginia is so professional and talented. Because we decided to elope it was important that we had great, candid photos of the day to show our families. She has most certainly delivered what we asked for. We didn’t exactly plan to elope, but so glad we did. It was the best decision we made with wonderful memories.”