Brett and Tennille’s Beach Wedding

The beginning of their story would have made a great opening for a romantic movie.  The setting is an airport lounge.  Tennille arrives late to the lounge and looks for somewhere to sit before boarding her flight. Fortunately she spots a large number of empty seats and moves towards them only to discover that the reason they were free was because there was a large man lying across the seats, asleep, and looking a little rough.

Finding another seat, Tennille soon boarded her flight.  In the meantime, the man lying across the seats was awoken by the flight attendants who asked him if he was Brett, the last remaining passenger for the flight.  That was him, and he promptly gathered his belongings and boarded the plane.  Having settled in, he quickly fell asleep again due to the big farewell party he had the night before.  As he fell asleep, he slowly began leaning into the lady in the seat next to him, which happened to be Tennille.  Not very happy about this, she requested to be moved to another seat.

At the end of the flight Brett woke up feeling great and ready to disembark.  As he looked around he noticed the lady opposite him across the aisle.  He noticed something particular about her and asked if she was a “Geo” [Geologist].  Tennille replied “yes” and asked Brett what he did, to which he replied “I am a driller”.  To which she replied “that explains a lot!”

They walked off the plane together and talked for hours whilst waiting for their connecting flights.  From there their friendship and romance grew, eventually leading them to the point of coming from Australia to New Zealand to get married in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Brett grew up in the Nelson region of New Zealand, and Brett and Tennille both felt it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  They both love the outdoors and it seemed like this would be the perfect setting for them to declare their vows.

They contacted New Zealand Wedding Packages about organising their wedding, and their planner Kimberly Coldren soon started to help put together a plan for the day.

That day came on the 29th of December, and Brett and Tennille and their guests boarded the Gourmet Sailing yacht to sail to a nearby beach.  Once there they disembarked for their ceremony, led by celebrant Rachael Schepers.  The entire wedding party looked spectacular on the sand spit, beautifully complemented by the dresses the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids wore in blue and green fabrics to match the natural surroundings.

Photographer Virginia Woolf, who had been photographing the couple and guests during the boat trip to the location, and throughout the ceremony, took some final special shots with Brett and Tennille and guests on the beach.  Following this the newly married couple and guests moved back on board to celebrate with a gourmet lunch.  The afternoon concluded with a smooth sail back to land.

Brett and Tennille were delighted with their wedding day and said it was everything they hoped it would be.